Senior IT Project Managers recruitment

Recruitment of your IT Project & Program Managers. Our expertise at your service!

Phase One company, whose headquarter is established in Luxembourg city, specializes in providing IT Project/Program Manager consultants in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but also in neighbouring countries.

Our Managing Director (Sébastien Bartholomé), based on this 27 years of experience in Project Management and his large LinkedIn network, offers to take part in your recruitment process for your next internal IT Project/Program Managers.

1. Context

All companies, even SMEs, have understood for several years the need to work in project mode and therefore to have real Project Managers available in order to maintain control over deadlines, the budget and the quality of deliverables.
These profiles are often complicated to find when you do not have experience of the complexity of this profession which is the management of IT projects or programs.

2. Our proposal

In order to respond to your request, we offer to put at your disposal all our expertise related to the recruitment of “IT Project Manager” profiles, based on the following steps:

  • Knowledge of the context and the position
  • Active search for potential candidates
  • Pre-selection and selection with reference taking
  • Presentation of candidates and decision process
  • Onboarding and monitoring

3. Our services

Step 1 : Knowledge of the context and the position

Phase One needs to carefully understand the context of the Client and the research entrusted in order to relevantly target the appropriate profiles with a concern for quality and efficiency. This goes through the following main phases:

  • Analysis of a presentation sheet of the company and the organization;
  • Understanding the missions and challenges through the analysis of a detailed function definition with:
    • The position of the position within the organization
    • Detailed description of the position to be filled and the objectives
  • The development of a skills profile jointly with the Client for efficient performance of the position.
Step 2 : Active search for potential candidates

The ad texts will be previously validated by the Client’s recruitment unit then:

  • Will be put online on dedicated sites in an optimal manner
  • Will be the subject of communication with targeted organizations
  • Will be broadcast via our Phase One network (more than 20,000 people to date)

BY SOURCING on social networks.

Step 3 : Pre-selection and selection with reference taking

A pre-selection phase is systematically organized by Phase One through one or more telephone/video conference interviews.
Based on the prerequisites defined during the job analysis and a prequalification sheet, Phase One carries out a pre-validation of key skills. Only targeted candidates will be presented to the Client.
Candidates are then received for an individual interview (face-to-face), in order to validate in detail:

  • Qualifications and experiences
  • Behavioral skills
  • The realizations
  • Suitability for the desired profile
  • The degree of interest in the position offered
  • Suitability with the environment

Phase One constitutes a complete individual file for each successful candidate.

This file includes in particular:

  • CV and cover letter
  • Photocopy of diplomas, work certificates
  • Professional reference checks
Step 4 : Presentation of candidates and decision process

In a market where responsiveness constitutes an essential component of the recruitment processes, Phase One will present the candidates validated by it upon validation without waiting for the creation of a short list.

Phase One will then organize the interview process between the selected candidates and the Client’s contacts.
At the end of this interview process, Phase One will receive feedback from the Client aimed at knowing the motivations for the choices made and providing the necessary feedback to the candidates.

Step 5 : Onboarding and follow-up

Phase One will monitor the candidate’s successful integration into their new role. This follow-up will be carried out through a monthly exchange with the successful candidate.

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4. Warranty

We offer 4 months warranty. If the candidate recruited through us is not suitable for the position as defined in the specifications and his mission ends during the first 4 months, we are looking for a new candidate for free.