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Program management

Program management offers a unique benefit for information technology and other programs where the interdependencies among projects have significant technical, as well as management dimensions.

Most discussions of program management to date have focused exclusively on the management dimensions (cost, schedule, risk, and quality). For technology-intensive programs, however, the technical dimensions are also critical and often have management consequences as well.

Our Program Managers

Our Program Managers offer an effective approach to manage tension, leveraging the advantages of a project management approach while maintaining alignment with organizational interests. The construct of a program aims to coordinate a group of related projects to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually. In the case of IT projects, these relationships include numerous aspects, such as IT infrastructure standards and organizational practices, that are relevant to multiple projects and that operate on longer timescales and at larger “scope-scales” than those of the projects. The significant advantages, in terms of both improved IT project performance and better achievement of expected organizational benefits, make program management essential to IT project success.

Our program managers are experienced and can also provide significant support to project managers so that everyone can move in the right direction throughout the program life cycle.

We are able to manage your strategic programs in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Do not hesitate… providing the necessary methodology and expertise to your programs will help you to stay focused on the expected program benefits.
Budget, quality and schedule will remain under control.

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