AI Agents

An interactive AI Agent that works for your company!

By blending the smarts of advanced language models with the warmth of face-to-face communication, AI Agents redefine digital connections, making them more personal, engaging, and human.

All you have to do is select your Agent’s appearance, choose its voice or clone your own, describe how you want it to interact, and provide it with documents to augment and personalize its knowledge base. In hours, you’ll have a digital person you can speak with, just like a real human.

AI Agent - Face 1
AI Agent - Face 3
AI Agent - Face 16
AI Agent - Face 20

What Sets Agents Apart?

Personalize your Agent – AI Agents adapt to fit your needs, bringing a friendly, engaging presence to any interaction.

A step beyond text – Agents listen and respond, offering a human-like dimension to digital conversations.

Swift, accurate responses – With over 90% accuracy delivered in under two seconds,  your queries are answered promptly and precisely.

Cutting-edge reliability – Thanks to retrieval augmented generation (RAG) technology, Agents break free from typical language model limitations, providing up-to-date, refined information.