AI Agents – Ethics

As Digital Transformation experts, we are well aware of the vast opportunities that AI sector presents. Synthetic media leverages creativity through the use of generative AI and can also streamline processes to generate significant time and resource savings.

However, as with many modern technologies, it also brings with it risks such as bias, misuse by malicious actors, and the potential to spread disinformation.


The use of the AI Agent technology

We want to use this technology for good, and to see this young and exciting industry evolve in a positive direction. We see it as our responsibility to help ensure that synthetic media is used in an ethical way, and to help lead the industry in achieving this.

As the use of this powerful technology grows exponentially, it creates an urgency to establish clear industry guidelines.

To that end, leading privacy experts and ethicists have established ethical guidelines and codes-of-conduct for this technology. This is a pledge we are following.


Pledge details:

Ethical Foundation

We will strive to develop and use technology to benefit society, even at the expense of customer and investor priorities.

Ethical Use By Customers

We will work hard to ensure that our customers are using our technology in ethical, responsible ways. We will endeavour to build “ethical use” clauses into all of our terms and conditions, which will allow us to suspend services and revoke the use license to those who fail to comply.

Avoid contentious areas

We will not knowingly license the use of AI Agents to political parties. Nor will we knowingly work with pornography publishers or terrorist organizations, gun or arms manufacturers.

Improve public awareness

Through a content program, we will educate the public about how our technology, and synthetic media in general, works and how to spot its use.

Make sure our datasets are unbiased

We will strive to provide AI Agents with faces that are diverse and do not favor any particular ethnicity, age or community.

Respect copyright

We will contractually require our licensees to have the proper rights, including processing rights, to all the source material including images, audio and video involved in any generated content.

Cooperate with regulators

We will cooperate with appropriate regulatory and non-governmental bodies for mutual dialogue about ethical development and deployment of AI Agents.