AI Agents – FAQ


What are Agents?

Agents are autonomous AI assistants that can answer questions based on the knowledge uploaded by their owner, and perform a specific role or task that’s helpful for business or individual use cases.

What are some common roles for AI agents?

Agents are excellent for roles in marketing, customer engagement or education, and training. Agents can simulate real people and fictional characters, or they can be virtual influencers that represent famous brands or individuals.

What are some examples of agents?

Agents can help companies boost sales, answer their customers’ questions or chat with their followers. Each agent is an expert in a different area, with access to a specific knowledge base. You can talk with an agent to find out exactly who they are and what their role is.

How can I talk with an Agent?

You can talk with Agents by typing in your question in the text input box, or by clicking the microphone icon and talking with the Agent just like you would talk with another person (available on Chrome/Safari browsers or most mobile devices).

Can I speak with agents in any language?

Yes, agents support many major languages such as Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese etc. Just start talking with an agent in any language, and it will reply in that language as long as it has a multilingual voice enabled.

How do Agents work?

Agents use natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI to understand your text or voice input and then provide relevant responses. They use RAG technology to retrieve accurate answers to queries from a knowledge base of uploaded documents.

Can I update my agent with new knowledge?

Yes, we can train the Agent with new knowledge based on your documentations or your website content.

Are there any limits on chatting with agents?

The number of conversation sessions depends on the price plan you have selected.

How is a conversation session with an agent measured?

Users can receive up to 5 messages from an Agent in each conversation session. The sixth message onwards counts as a new session in your price plan.

How much does it cost to use Agents?

You can start with the LITE plan to try out Agents, and then select the price plan that suits you best from the pricing page.