About Phase One

Who we are ?

Phase One is a company dedicated to the management and development of IT projects/programs:

  • ​IT consultancy (improvement of organizational processes, strategic advice)
  • Management and technical implementation of IT projects

Our goal is to help organizations and their employees realize their full digital potential through innovative solutions as well as dynamic and diverse talents.

Today, these talents are increasingly turning to self-employment. So this is mainly where we will look for them. We have learned to recognize them and work with them on a win-win basis.

This new form of work is a real opportunity for companies: necessarily enterprising, our independent engineers and consultants have acquired expertise rarely equalled in companies as well as a strong capacity for adaptation and autonomy. Thanks to their rare and varied skills, these “freelancers” are able to advise or supplement your teams from time to time, thus boosting the organizational and operational performance of your IT missions.

Why Phase One?

Phase One offers you a double expertise, that of experienced freelance profiles and recruiters with solid technical backgrounds.

Faced with the inflation of purely algorithmic recruitment platforms, we have chosen a qualitative approach rather than a quantitative one.

We also keep away from the model of recruiting firms with only commercial skills. We appreciate both the technical and relational part of our business! Our CEO and our recruiters are indeed former engineers, consultants and project managers. This field experience makes it possible to subtly assess the skills of potential service providers, to speak a common language and to provide serious support in the organization and monitoring of projects.

Guarantees & commitments

We have placed technical and human experience at the heart of our strategy, to respond effectively to business priorities and the expectations of experienced IT freelancers.

​We guarantee them:

  • Save time in their search for missions / service providers and in project management
  • Reliable qualification of candidates (know-how / interpersonal skills)
  • Optimal flexibility and responsiveness of our teams (recruiters, freelancers)
  • Strategic advice on the organization of IT projects
  • Human mediation, with a field approach
  • For companies, a reduced operating cost compared to an ESN

As a result, Phase One is recognized and regularly contacted by major organizations, SMEs and start-ups in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

Over 27 years of experience !

We are able to manage your strategic programs in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.